Q: What is #PBStudyBuddy?

A: #PBStudyBuddy is a cross-social media "book club" with anytime access that will feature picture books through a fun and unique series of useful graphics (Emoji Arc, Standouts, Starry Book Marks, Top-of-Mind Book Hooks, and Fast Facts).

Q: What is the goal of #PBStudyBuddy?

A: To help lift up fellow picture book creators for craft building and boosting/reviews, with graphics presented in Twitter and Instagram posts.

Q: When will #PBStudyBuddy run?

A: Instead of a scheduled day/time, it will post "Some Day" with the hashtags #PBStudyBuddy and #PBTITLE (follow @SylviaiChen on Twitter/Instagram to see features as they're posted). In general, #PBStudyBuddy posts will go up on Tuesdays and Thursdays pending other scheduling. This website will showcase the featured picture books, along with links for the SM posts, in case anyone prefers to come here versus search by hashtags on SM.

Q: Can I ask for #PBStudyBuddy to feature a specific picture book?

A: Not for now. There is a current stack of picture books curated for upcoming reviews, so these picture books will feature for the foreseeable future.

Q: Is there any cost planned for #PBStudyBuddy?

A: No, it is FREE! But please share SM posts to support the book creators more. And if you have time, please post a review for the featured PB wherever you choose. You can even use #PBStudyBuddy to help write it!

Q: How did #PBStudyBuddy start?

A: Great Q! My name is Sylvia Chen and #PBStudyBuddy popped into mind super late one night. I've been meaning to review so many amazing picture books (especially mentor texts!), and keep missing regularly scheduled picture book clubs because of time conflicts. So I thought the flexible structure of #PBStudyBuddy could achieve that and also support other PB creators (as well as teachers and librarians!) who may find this type of program useful for various reasons. I really hope it'll help us to boost PB creators in a more visual and engaging way online! If you want to see more about me, please visit www.sylviaichen.com or follow @SylviaiChen on Twitter | Instagram | Bluesky | Threads. Thank you!